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Ways to protect solid-state drives (SSD Renice Technology) from power failures
17 February 2022
Renacer-Backup ® (Raid Backup - Fast Backup) is a technology developed by Renice Technology, which allows you to transfer data stored in DDR memory to NAND flash memory in a short period of time.

Solid-state drives use SDRAM or DDR to increase the speed of data exchange. In this regard, there is a problem of data loss or loss of the display table in case of a sudden power outage.

To ensure data integrity, SSD manufacturers usually develop a power failure protection mechanism based on a supercapacitor or tantalum capacitor, which will work as a backup power supply for the SSD in the event of a power failure.

However, in real-world applications, both the supercapacitor and the tantalum capacitor become obsolete as the charge and discharge time increases. With frequent power outages, the number of false errors increases significantly (False add-on Bad Block). Because of this, the data stored in SDRAM may disappear. All these problems pose a threat to SSD reliability that mission-critical applications cannot handle.

To get rid of such problems, Renice has developed rBackup technology, based on which the time required to write data to DDR on NAND Flash is reduced by 50%~70%. For this method, Renice Technology has already received a patent for an invention called: "A technique and system for quickly backing up data from solid-state drives in conditions of abnormal power outage."