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Central feed up to 4000 A from Wöhner
15 February 2022
The high requirements for short-circuit current resistance of power distribution systems predetermined the design of the main power entry system with currents up to 4000 A.

The triple T-profile busbar and the corresponding profile terminals make it possible to create a reliable and safe centralized current distribution system up to 4000 A. Clear design, installation without drilling and direct electrical contact using CRITO®Profi Clip terminals with double-sided grip reduce installation time to a minimum. A variable number of terminals for copper and aluminum conductors up to 300 mm2 as well as a variety of tap connections up to 2 x 100 x 10 mm2 and 3 and 4-pole systems allow for individual applications.

The new TSS profile rails offer additional connection options: On one side, there is a 30 x 10 T-profile for connection to universal terminals and terminals with an expanding clamp. For a safe and fast connection, post-installation mounting is possible. The other two sides of this busbar have C-slots provided for bolts. Drilled busbars, for example, can simply be connected in these places; connection is possible on 3 sides at the same time.

Industrial production and type testing ensure that the required safety standards are met. The short-circuit current resistance of up to 120 kA determined in the type tests meets the highest requirements for central power entry systems.