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U9 eUSB DOM disk from Renice Technology
05 March 2022
Renice eUSB DOM disk achieves the theoretical transmission rate of up to 5Gps under the DOM architecture of 24mm x 27mm.

It has highly advanced flash memory management algoritm (ECC and wear-leveling) and encryption algorithm, which can realize write protect, startup disk, safety partition, secure erase and other functions, to ensure higher performance of data integrity and security.


Interface:USB3.1 Gen1
Dimension:24mm x 6mm x 27mm(L×W×H)
Form Factor:20pin
Capacity:-MLC:4GB~256GB -SLC:1GB~32GB
Input Voltage:5.0V (±5%)
Max Sequential Read:200 MB/s
Max Sequential Write:150 MB/s
Support:Self-monitoring, analysis and report techniques and health monitoring of hard drives
Support hardware BCH ECC error correction:96-Bit/1KB
“Write Protect” security function to protect data in UFD
USB connect SCSI protocol(UASP)
Secure Erase
Industrial Operating Temperature Range:-40℃ to +85℃